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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Miller urged to answer questions about his past BY REPUBLICANS!

Well Joe Milelr may not realize that a press blackout about his background is a mistake but it seems the members of his own party have. It seems a group of about 40 high ranking Alaska republicans have written and signed a open letter to candidate Miller urging him to answer questions about his past.

Of course on this blog we have already covered the folly of such a stance as well as the hipocrisy of faulting Lisa on her past while refusing to disclose your own. Do I think Joe will bend on this matter? I doubt it. In the long list of people Joe doesn't trust, his own party is only a couple places under the media. As it is even though it would help his chances with the undecided voters I'm sure Joe is viewing this as some kind of trap despite the lack of Admiral Akbar being present.

Joe is quickly working to destroy his own momentum anyway possible. Laying blame at the feet of the media and party establishment makes for great talk radio and often gets the head nod from the furthest right among us. Unfortunately, it has a rather poor record of drawing undecided and independent voters in, which as well are often reminded, are the real ones that decide elections.