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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Alaska's Senate seat does not belong to the Tea Party....

True, Alaska's seat belong to Alaskans.

As some may have read, Lisa Murkowski made this statement during an interview on Friday, October 1st, and I agree completely. Alaska's Senate seats belong to Alaskans, and every few years ago we elect two people to conduct our business with them. Now, I know that some folks that may not like Lisa Murkowski may be saying "Well, it's not your seat either Lisa!", and that true it isn't.

What Lisa is referring to is the effort underway by the Tea Party Express to directly affect the Senate election here in Alaska. They are, as I write this, supposedly sending buses of people from Califronia to Alaska to work at getting Joe Miller elected. Frankly I can't see why there is no outcry against this. Nearly every election cycles has some protestation against 'outside' influences in our elections, be it money, or some other support. I see this as being no different, and feel just as strongly to speak out against it.

It is my opionion that the Tea Parties are composed of the kinds of people who would be the first to speak out against outside influences in elections. I am sure they were/are some of the most vocal opposition to the prospect of corporations and forign governments exercising influence in our elections, so why is this any different? Is it just because the Tea Party is a grass roots movement that it is allowed such behavior? Is this another case of do as I say not as I do? or do they see the desired ends as justifying their actions? Whichever way they attempt to justify it, I find it unacceptable. Can you imagine the outcry if the Obama campaign had bused supporters up to Alaska?

I love what the Tea Parties are trying to do. I want to see more rights to the states and a smaller Federal government. I think its great that we have so many grass roots movements popping up all over the country supporting the Tea Party movement. However, I feel that the Tea Party Express is trying to nationalize the movement, which I would think goes against what the Tea Party movement stands for. If Alaska's Tea Party organizations are not able to create enough support for their candidate to win, then it is irresponsible for a much larger tea party orginaization to come in for the sole purpose of proping up that candidate.

I think the Tea Parties is scared that even with the GOP nomination Joe Miller won't be able to win.


  1. politics are all liars anyways.
    If voting really changed anything, It'd be illegal.

  2. While I do agree with some of your statement, thankfully voting still has power and is not illegal, yet. Our government still haas to operate, somewhat, in the frame work of our constitution, which gives the voters power. Wed just ned to be sure to elect those who won't abuse that power, or outlaw ours.