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Friday, October 29, 2010

Miller is screwed Gott sei Dank

Well a new poll conducted Oct 26th shows that Miller has done what I'm sure most of us knew was possible, he screwed himself into 3rd place. Now to be fair the events that I believe have put Miller into 3rd all transpired before the primary but it was his reluctance to address those issues that allowed them to become the fatal flaw in his bid for Alaska's senate seat. Of course the issues to which I am referring are varied and many but most notably are his receipt of government hand-outs and his transgressions while an attorney for the Fairbanks Borough.

The poll in question now shows McAdams with 29% and Miller with 23%, an certain unnamed write-in candidate ranks first with 34% of the vote. Bravo Mr. Miller. Now I have no illusions that his loss will be laid at the feet of nasty negative ads and of course the vile liberal media working to destroy him, but in all fairness this kind of attitude is why Miller is in third. In this case, the media, liberal or not, did its job and did it well. The media dug hard and uncovered aspects of Miller's past that as we can see have most certainly effected the opinion held of him by voters. These were not engineered stories fabricated from half truths, these things happened and wish as he might they cannot be undone. I for one would not have had a problem voting for a candidate with his past, so long of course as that candidate represented my views, Miller does not.

Miller represents what I feel is a fair position, and I can agree with the Tea Party platform that things need to change in Washington and that the democrats and republicans are unlikely to be able to solve these issues to my satisfaction. However I do not feel that Miller represents the Tea Party movement in anything other than name, the kind of solutions to these issues start at the state and local level, not at the federal level. Until we have made the changes at home, in Anchorage, in Fairbanks, in Juneau, electing federal representatives is a moo point (kind of like a cow's opinion). Electing Joe Miller to the senate serves no purpose, there is still no control, there is still no responsibility, there is still nothing other than the word of a politician and a poor chance that it will be kept.

In other news, Tea Party supporters and pro-palin (? I guess they do still exist?) peoples have flocked in mass (~100? guess that counts) to the division of elections to sign up as write-in candidates hoping to make the list and confuse the hell out of Murkowski voters thus handing the victory firmly to McAdams. Frankly this is absurd and only shows that these folks really are delusional. People only want the list to confirm spelling most likely. I'm sure in the aftermath of this election the dems and gop will challenge any vote they can (hanging chad?). To think someone is going to punch Miller because finding Murkowski is to hard is laughable. For those signing up as an act of civil disobedience, well that's well and good, and a good half hour of your life you won't be getting back.


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  1. Being offered prizes to clog the voting rolls is not civil disobedience,just idiocy. The Tea Party advocates lack a sense of pragmatism and have no real knowledge of American history. I suggest they read some books on American political parties and some bios of the Founding Fathers.