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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What wrong with the Federal Government and how to fix it.....

What if a politician were to shrink government and cut spending? How could they run again after that? Who would elect someone who's platform was I cut jobs and didn't spend more of your money than I had to. We as Americans had developed a mentality that the government is there to provide programs and spend money. Now we are seeing the fruits of that labor. Even the great Ronald Regan didn't shrink the deficit. While true he increased defense spending and defeated communism he still did at a deficit.

I would love to see the IRS eliminated and a flat tax or national sales tax in its place. How many jobs would that eliminate? Most people at the IRS, private accountants, tax lawyers, clerks, tax website, quick books, quicken, turbo tax, most of these professions and companies would be diminished if not completely eliminated. Which brings me to why this and things like it won't happen. There is not enough will in Washington or in the American Public to sacrifice in the short term for gain in the long term. Our habit of deficit spending proves it.

America didn't have the patience to wait and save for something when they could just borrow to get it, and get that, and that over there, and this too. There was no fiscal responsibility because much like communism the only way to defeat the other party was to outspend them on platforms you believe America supported. For the Democrats it was social spending and for the GOP is was defense spending. The facts are we spend to much on both, but cutting social spending makes me a monster and cutting defense spending makes me a socialist (or Nazi, although technically a Nazism is a far right ideology, so all you folks that call liberals Nazis are incorrect, communists maybe but not Nazis.)

We need to go back to the days when senators were elected by the state legislatures and could be immediately recalled if their behavior was deemed unacceptable. Just imagine how many senators would have been yanked back before health care was passed? A majority of Americans opposed it and yet it still passed? What a slap in the face. The ability to revoke their office if enough people in a state wanted it would be a great incentive for senators to better represent their constituents.

This is one time where I can agree with the Tea Party, the states need to play a more active role, the federal government has become the dominant force and this was not the way it was supposed to be.

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