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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Joe Miller's Low Income Hunting License, Legal but also unethical

Well now that people are actually looking at Joe Miller it seems a day can't go by that some new clue to his total lack of moral compass doesn't pop up.

The case in point today is that Mr. Miller filed for a 'low-income hunting license' in 1995. Now in Alaska at the time in order to meet the requirements for a low-income license one had to either be on welfare or have an annual family income of less than $8200. According to a report by the Anchorage Daily News, Miller did make less than that during the prescribed time period. Although he also managed to buy a $88,000 home (now worth over $400,000) he did this by selling some farm property in Kansas (the same property he received government subsides for) and working as a store clerk for part of the year. The remainder of the year he was going to law school at Yale.

This was all for 1994, the hunting license was for 1995. When he actually applied and received the hunting license which was distributed in July, he had graduated from Yale and obtained employment as assistant borough attorney for Fairbanks, Alaska. This job had an estimate salary of $70,000 a year. His wife received her low-income license about a month later.

So while no law may have been violated it certainly seems that the spirit of the low income license was violated. This is the kind of behavior that I would not expect from a constitutional conservative. To me it appears more opportunistic than anything else and represents exactly the type of actions that this man is supposed to be against! Primarily the existence of and taking advantage of government programs designed to help the poor. This is one step away from accepting unemployment from the government, something he has said is unconstitutional. All this to save $290? Really? you couldn't have just paid it? The rest of us do....what makes it different for you? Had this not come to light I'm sure if asked Mr. Miller would have spoken out about the unfairness of such a program that provides a low cost license to the poor while saddling the 'wealthy' (+$8200 isn't very wealthy) with the costs.

Another example of do as I say, not as I do. At least we are getting a better look at Candidate Miller's character before the election. I'm sure facts like this and his farm subsides will make the choices this November much more clear cut.

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