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Monday, October 4, 2010

Sarah Palin: Lisa Murkowski backers are Liberals and Union Thugs

So begins the mud slinging. Sarah Palin was on the radio show of Mark Levin on Friday and offered this to describe Lisa Murkowski, that she was backed by democrats and "union thugs" whos backing McAdams? Sarah Palin hasn't liked Lisa Murkowski in a very long time. Sarah ran very hard against Lisa's farther Frank and as with most elections there was some mud slung. Of course Lisa was able to get her jabs in as well stating she was very 'disappointed' when Sarah quit as governor.

Alaskans seem fairly well divided over Sarah, I think most people can appreciate what she tried to do but even if you agree with her politics its hard to support a quiter. I admit to being a Palin supporter on most issues (mainly AGIA and oil/gas tax reform) but when she quit because of the ethics complaints I lost alot of respect for her.

As for Lisa Murkowski being a left wing nut job.....I'm pretty sure she's rather right than McAdams and I am VERY sure she is farther left than Miller. So I suppose if you were looking at her from the perspective of the darling of the Tea Party (Palin) she would appear left. However, I think most Alaskans see her as being a moderate.

Either way this is turning into another case of the pot calling the kettle black, no matter how you look at it both candidates are using money from less than perfect sources. Miller even refuses to tell how much he raised and from whom during his recent trip to Washington D.C. There is plenty of out of state money flying around in this election to make any politician blush. Cheers to you Sarah for going to bat for your candidate but couldn't you find some issues to attack her on instead of pandering to fear of liberals and unions? But I guess that is what gets the Tea Party vote out.

You betcha.


  1. Ugh, that phrase has been forever ruined by Palin.

    Whoever Palin's mouthpiece is needs to work on her message being less about soundbites and catchphrases and more about actual issues.

  2. Helene hit it on the head as far as catchphrases and issues. Also, this smear campaign shit has got to go, or at least be balance amongst addressing issues. Good post.

  3. Sarah Palin is an American political cartoon creation..............pure nutcase. Like talk radio hosts, she is great for the entertainment value and that is about it.